Edward C. Moore, DDS, established E.C. Moore and Sons in 1898. As a practicing dentist, Dr. Moore understood the value of quality and craftsmanship as it related to dentistry. In 1902, Dr. Moore received a United States Patent for his innovative idea for a timely alternative for dental procedures - the brass center disc. The "Snap-On Snap-Off" discs were widely accepted and became the standard for dental practices throughout the United States. Today, E.C. Moore Company has over forty different grits that range in diameters from 3/8" to 1 1/2", with worldwide distribution and recognition. Over the past century, hundreds of new products and convenient kits have been added to our product line. They include a complete series of carbide burs, finishing and polishing strips, rubber points, and wheels. The Odus Pella crown forms and many other specialty items have also been added.

Now, in our third century, George Aho, the owner of E.C. Moore Company, is continuing Dr. Moore's commitment to quality and value for the dental profession. For over ten decades the brass center discs have been an established icon in the dental and abrasive community. Our goal at E.C. Moore Company is to continue the mission Dr. Moore set in place over 100 years ago - to "PROVIDE TOOLS FOR EXCELLENCE".